The "Monster" disc harrow does the job of shredding the stem residues of crops and industrial plants and also turning and shoveling them into the soil. Disc harrows in a row cut up and shovel the stem residues and at the same time with rear rotors they break up bigger clods on the ground, creating a smoother ground surface. The "Monster" harrow is designed in a way that every disc is suspended on a different axle, so this way it makes it possible to adjust the angle of the discs individually.

 Techn. characteristics 24 discs 28 discs 32 discs 40 discs
Working width 2,6m 3m 3,4m 4,2
Transport width 2,7m 3,1m 3,5m 2,6m
Length of the transport position 7,2m 7,2m 7,2m 7,2m
Height transport position 1,7m 1,7m 1,7m 1,7m
Number of discs 24 28 32 40
Diameter discs 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Number of rows 4 4 4 4
Number of discs in a row 6pcs 7pcs 8pcs 10pcs
The distance between the work of 10cm 10cm 10cm 10cm
The distance between the working body in a row 40cm 40cm 40cm 40cm
Angle of disc 0-30 0-30  0-30  0-30 
Operating speed 12km/h  12km/h  12km/h  12km/h 
Allowed the slope of land 80  80  80  80 
Power requirement 90hp  110-120hp  140-160 hp  180-200 hp 
Working depth 12-20cm  15-20cm  15-20cm  15-20cm 
Weight 2400Kg  2650Kg  2750 kg  4500 kg 
Specifically, the load on one disc 100Kg  94,5Kg  86 kg  112,5 kg 




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