cambridgeThe "Cambrige rollers" have powerful clod breaking and excellent compressing qualities. These are excellent to use after the spring sowing and for smoothing out the surface after ploughing. The Cambridge rollers are good for smoothing the surface of the soil, to seal it off, for compressing as well as breaking up clumps of soil, which all help to reduce moisture loss from the soil.
The Cambrige roller comes with soil smoothing springs or without them.It consists of 3 parts, from which 2 are hydraulic folding.


Technical characteristics 3m 4.5m 5.4m 6.3m
Working width   4.5m 5.4m 6.3m
Nr. of Cambridge rolls   42 50 58
Nr. of weed cleaner   39 47 55
Nr. of spings   17 21 23
Power requirement (HP) 82-90 80-120 120-140 140-160
Weight with slick springs (kg) 1225 2640 3020 3360
Weight without slick spings (kg)   2360 2710 3020



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