multi kombinator

The Multi Combinator is a cultivating hardware tool which does the loosening of the ground to the suitable depth (max. 45 cm) furthermore in one action it shreds the stem residues, cultivating them into the soil and also seals the soil. The disintegrator is suitable both for maize and grain soil usage and for it's preparation. It can be a good variation for the rigger and the plow. Between the machine's two rows of toothed discs there are aerator knives which ensure the effective loosening of the soil in its full width and depth. The Multi Combinator's post-work units include the compressing rollers which seal the surface for full moisture protection.

This modern cultivating unit should be a crucial element for every farmer who wants to keep up with the challenges of modern farming.
Let us take the opportunity to thank you for choosing this excellent quality cultivating machine of the "Agromerkur Ltd". Our every product is produced to match the high expectations of our farmers, and is made of outstanding quality steel materials.
We give you 2 years guarantee on all of our products.

Technical characteristics
Width 2,5 m 3‚1m
Diameter discs 560 mm 560 mm
Working depth with 5 or 7 bodies max 45 cm max 45 cm
Power requirement (hp) 150-175 180-210
Weight (kg) 3900 kg 4500 kg




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